Capitalism Exposed

Welcome to Capitalism Exposed, my latest website. 

It brings together my  'money related' websites  as the cause and 'victim related' sites as the effect of what's dishonest with our money (capital) system

I wonder whether people might buy into the power of 'interestism' as little regular payments instead of big sums called 'capital'... But men tend to think that 'big is beautiful'... 

Do not hesitate to contact me for more information.

Sabine K McNeill



Say it in 3 Slides

30/01/2013 10:06
Here's the video Myths and Travesties that I made of slides about the 3 fundamental myths that are...


27/01/2013 10:32
This site is meant to group everything I've published online relating to money as the root of all...